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Have a Whale Of Time In Burleigh Heads

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whale watching burleigh heads

Every year our team at Wyuna Beachfront Holiday Apartments are always amazed at the sheer size and (thankfully) the numbers of the beautiful and majestic mammals of the ocean. With Gold Coast Whale migration season well underway which is normally from June to  around the end of November.  Large Humpback Whales can easily be spotted from the comfort of our balconies here at Wyuna Beachfront Apartments

Our team at Wyuna Beachfront Holiday Apartments highly recommend booking a cruise and seeing these beautiful and magnificent creatures up close and personal. The main difference would be the boat vessel. Your Gold Coast Whale Watching is all about riding the waves. The larger the vessel the smoother the ride. If you are after more of a luxury and comfort ride,  our pick at Wyuna would be Seaworld Whale Watch. Why not take a morning or afternoon session or perhaps you could combine it with discount entry to Seaworld to visit the dolphins and other water-loving creatures.

Several companies offer tours and we at Wyuna Beachfront Apartments make it easy to pick out the best deals.

Find some great whale watching deals here! 

Travellers Tip: To have a truly enjoyable experience our team at Wyuna Beachfront Apartments would suggest the following:

  • If you can, check the marine and weather forecast before you book. A smooth day on the ocean can make the world of difference.
  • Dress comfortably with warm clothes and flat-soled shoes.
  • A hat and sunscreen is an absolute must regardless if it’s a sunny day or not.
  • Bring your camera and binoculars so you don’t miss a thing.
  • The water can be very choppy so if you are like me and prone to motion sickness I would recommend taking a natural remedy (ginger tablets are great) PRIOR to leaving the shore.
  • Whales can be identified by their blow, surfacing and diving characteristics. Impress your mates and family by learning a few different species and characteristics of whales.

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